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LANLING S.A. is the distributor in the Center/South America of a family of manufacturers in the South-East Asia.

A little bit complicated, Isn't it? Let's start from our supplier's system.

If you go to see Our Products, You will see six categories of different products, supplied by some 12 manufacturers. Although scattered in Viet Nam, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China, these manufacturers belong to the same family based in Taiwan.

As you will see, most of our products have something to do with flowers. Actually we derived everything around flowers. For example, Baskets were for flowers. But they are equally good for many other things, and their materials can be made into many other useful things. And the result after 30 years of developement? -- Over 6,000 products made of rattan, bamboo, sedge and the like.

LANLING Co. Ltd. is the sales department of the group. Ours is the ex-factory prices. We introduced our products to the Americas in 1996, in Costa Rica, Centro America. We set up the Americas office there, known as LANLING S.A..

Now we are trying to introduce our lines of products into other parts of the Americas, particularly US and Canada. If you are interested in selling or being agent of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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