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We have over 1,300 products made of bamboo, rattan, sedge, fern and wood.
They are made into all kinds of usefull things besides baskets. But for convenience, we call them all baskets.

All of our baskets are made in Viet Nam. We set our production base there for two reasons: low labor cost and abundant supply of materials.

The Central Factory is near HaNoi. Making baskets is the sideline -- sometimes major income -- of the thousands of families in the villages around. In order to ensure constant quality, we supply materials to the family-factories. They in turn make the blank baskets according to our design, then send to the Factory for final finishing.

The products are majorly sold in the Far East where people are familiar to these wonderful materials. Now we see the US market started to accept these products, but what they have are of less variety and quality.

So we wish to introduce our products to the North America.

If you would become our distributor or wholeseller, we suggest that you select 50 to 200 products for the begining. Considering many of them come in sets, 300 to 500 products will make a great collectin.

Because the production line is well flexible, you can order by your own design, too. We'll respect your patent right for that matter.


Rattan is a very fine, sturdy material. It hardly becom moldy or have borer. If a piece of rattanware gets dirty, just brush it with water and soap.

Rattan is used in different manners. The entire stick can be used for the frames of furnatures. The peel is often woven into matts or used to wrap around multiple sticks. While peeled sticks are sometimes stripped for weaving, like ferns.


Fern is like willow, but finer, longer and stronger. Usually used intact. It is easy to weave them into desired shapes. We would apply a layer of laquer for both protection and glistering.

Like rattan, fernware have little problem with borer or mold, and are washable, too.


This straw-like leave of a special weed grown in the swamps is exelent for weaving. They are usually woven into mats. Baskets, pads and cushions made of sedge are soft to the touch and have a good smell.

They are sometimes made into ropes and then woven into very sturdy baskets. These are seen in the section of Fernwares.

Sedgeware sometimes get moldy, but seldom have worms. Keep them in dry, ventilated place.


Bamboo is very popular in Asia. It is a very useful material: from the scaffolding for skycrapers to the filament of Tomas Edison's firs light bulb.

When we use bamboo, we usually stripe its stem into long small strips for weaving.

Bamboowares are relatively cheaper in price. Baskets made of peeled bamboo are more debil to molds and borers.

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