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Thank you for being interested in our products.

We first introduced our products to the Americas in 1996, in Costa Rica, Centro America. It has been a great success. Now we want to introduce them into other parts of the Americas, particularly the USA and Canada. If you are interested in selling or being agent of our products, then you are who we are looking for.

It is important to understand that we do not retail. Being the distributor of the group of manufacturer (see About Us), we sell by the containers. We expect you to be somewhat like a wholesaler or a distributor.

You will be equally welcome if you are to establish an independent firm or agency for distributing our products. It is alright, too, to start with one or some categories of product.

For the same reason, we do not expect that you will order right now. Please contact us by any of the manners below, and let us talk into business.

To contact us for the first time, please:
preferably use this e-mail:
or fax to: 1-775-245-4903 (US)
to build up a normal channel of communication.

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