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| General informations about Paper and Ribbon |
Paper for wrapping Flowers:
Embossed paper
Non-woven paper and Sarsenet
Printed transparant sheets & Flower sleeves, etc.
More details
of Flower wrapping paper
Paper for wrapping Gifts:
Embossed paper and other Artistic paper
Tissue paper
Cellophane paper
More details
of Gift wrapping paper
Special Paper:
Cellophane paper
Trans-print paper
Corrugated paper
Brown paper
More details
of Special paper
Paper Ribbons:
Non-woven paper ribbon
Paper rope
Paper Raffia
More details
of Paper Ribbons
Ribbons: Fabric and Plastic Ribbons
Plastic ribbon
Twist wire
Fabric ribbon
X'mas ribbon
More details
of Fabric and Plastic Ribbons

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