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This catagory is divided into 5 sections, and each includes various products. Again, flower-related items go first.

Paper and Ribbon are put in the same section because many of them are related to each other. For example, you may make a bouquet with two layers of different paper, tie it with a twist wire, then add a knot of fiber paper ribbon. Or, you may wrap a box of gift with an embossed paper, tie it with a ribbon and put on a knot made of ribbon and paper raffia.

Paper for wrapping Flowers

Everone knows that paper is afreid of water. There are some paper not so sensitive to water, and they are made into beautiful colors to match requirements for wrapping flowers, for making bouquets. It is worth mentioning here that these paper are not only good for flowers. You can use them to wrap anythingyou wish. Use some imagination.

Paper for Gift Wrapping

These paper, and the Paper for wrapping Flowers, are manufactured by our factories in Taiwan. Some of the blank paper are imported from Japan and some are made locally.

Special Paper

These special paper each for special usage. See their individule introductions.

Paper Ribbon

Most of these paper ribbons are sidelines of paper fabrics. While paper ribbons are used like ribbons, paper rope and raffia are also used like ropes.

Plastic and Fabric Ribbon

The Plastic Ribbon are made by our factory in China, while the Fabric Ribbon both in Taiwan and China. All of them are designed by our artists from Taiwan.

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