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Ceylon Tea is a fully fermented red tea. As natural lemon is added, it becomes a drink delicious both hot and iced.

How to drink

Hot Lemon Tea

Hot lemon tea is a very warming drink, especially in the cold, wet winter evenings.
Put the teabag in a cup, pour in boiling water. Steep for one minute or so to taste and take out the teabag. Add sugar to taste. Serve hot immediately.

Iced Lemon Tea

Home made iced lemon tea is the best cold drink in hot days.
Use 4 bags per liter (or quater) of water. Steep as above, add sugar to taste. Chill before serving with ice cubes.

Tea Bags : | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | | General informations about TEA BAGS |

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